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Michael J. Story Beacon Ministry


Individual Counseling
 Improve your life skills whether you’re an adults, teenagers or children dealing with depression, anxiety, low self esteem, past or recent trauma, relationship problems, grief, substance abuse and other concerns.

Marital Counseling Prepare for marriage or recapture your marital harmony; improve communication, intimacy enhancement, conflict resolution, sexual concerns, infidelity, divorce and other marriage crises.

Family Counseling Understand family process while benefiting from individualized therapy interventions, including parenting skills, sibling conflicts, school difficulties, blended families, adjustment to traumatic events, communication skills, disciplining and family budgeting.

Group Counseling Experience the benefit of therapy while gaining personal growth and mastering life skills along with others who share similar life processes.

Career & Vocational Testing Discover your career direction according to your values, interests, skills and traits thorough self-assessment and professional counseling.

Seminars, Workshops & Retreats Covering a wide array of topics tailored to meet individual needs.